Much like anything new being tried and explored for the first time, juicing comes with its own set of challenges and learning curve. Not only are we giving a heads up to juicing newbies, but these mistakes can also be done by those of you who have been juicing for years!

1. Not Enough Greens

There are no rules about what colour your juices should be, but it’s not the best move to have a heavier load of fruits while neglecting the green veggies. Having a lot of sweet fruits in your juices can result in a higher level of sugar in your body than you should have. While these fruits will provide you with the minerals and vitamins your body needs, not adding enough vegetables to your juice leaves you with no fibre to support your liver in its detoxification process. Green vegetables, as opposed to other vegetables like carrots and beets, are not full of sugar, and won’t spike your insulin and sugar levels. If you find it hard to enjoy juices without enough sweetness, you can always ease yourself into adding more greens and less fruits overtime. You can also aid this transition by adding less-sweet fruits like green apples or pears, and by squeezing some lemon juice into your juice to give it a citrus flavour. 

2. Too Much Green

I know, you’re probably thinking “I can’t win!” right about now, but stick with us! Just like too many sweet fruits, it is possible to have too many greens in your juice. It’s understandable that you might be eager to go all out right off the bat, but going too green too soon can hinder the process of your taste buds getting used to the stronger tastes that come with green veggies. Much like with fruits, it’s good to ease into things when it comes to adding greens into your juices, as it can help you develop a liking for the taste of greens-heavy juices. Start with a quarter of the suggested amount of greens in juice recipes and ease into it slowly. In no time, you’ll love green juice more than you think!

3. Choosing The Wrong Juicer

Especially when you’re new to the world of juicing, it can be daunting to figure out which juicer is best-suited for your juicing needs. It’s important to take your time before deciding on which juicer you’d like to purchase. Kuvings has a wide variety of juicers and slow juicers to choose from, that will fulfil all your juicing needs and then some. Whether you’re more drawn to whole slow juicers or smart juicers, there’s something for everyone in Kuvings’ international design award-winning selection of juicers. While the general designs of juicers typically look similar, they are all built differently, and carry out different specific juicing methods to create different juices. Cold-press juicers are highly recommended as they give you the most amount of juice from your fruits, while reducing oxygen mixing amounts in the juice therefore increasing the shelf-life of your juices. We even wrote you a guide to choosing the best juicer for your needs!

4. Replacing Meals With Juices

Juices are similar to thick, blended smoothies; but they are not one and the same. Juices are healthy additions to your diet but can cause harm to your health if used as a replacement for a balanced and nutritious meal for extended periods of time. Juices can have lower amounts of fibre than needed for good gut-health and are therefore better-suited as a meal supplement, not replacement. Pair your juice with your meals, or have them first thing in the morning to allow your body to absorb all the nutrients it provides!

5. Prolonged Storing 

It’s tempting to make big batches of juice at the same time to enjoy at your leisure, but that might not be the healthiest way to consume your juices. Prolonged storing of your juice, especially in plastic containers can do more harm than good. Within 15 minutes of your juice being made, a lot of the nutrients and antioxidants in your juice will be destroyed by light and air, which leaves you with the smallest amount of nutrients that a fresh juice would provide. 

This is one of the aspects of Kuvings that gives your juice an edge in terms of prolonged storage. For instance, these air-tight bottles by Kuvings allow your juices to be kept in the fridge for up to 3 whole days! Cold press juices by Kuvings also oxidize at a slower rate in comparison to other high-speed juicers, as the juice is extracted without high speed or high heat.


Juicing is worth every squeeze. The benefits it brings makes the learning process worth it all. If you'd like to learn more about juicing benefits, we discussed this on our blog. Regardless of how daunting the juicing world might seem when you're only just stepping foot into it, there's a colourful, exciting and delicious world awaiting you!

Joanna Destiny