Choosing The Best Juicer For You -

Choosing The Best Juicer For You

In this day and age, where consumerism is arguably at its highest, choosing a fruit juice machine can be a daunting process. Narrowing down on a single juicer to purchase and bring home with you is a pricey commitment to make. Essentially, it’s a long term relationship. So how do you choose the best juicer for you and dive right in with both feet?

Get to know your facts.

Fact 1: Centrifugal vs. Masticating

The differences between a centrifugal and masticating juicer lie in their function, juice quality and affordability.

Centrifugal juicers are ideal for juicing hard fruits and thick vegetables, but struggle to juice leafy greens. Masticating juicers (also known as slow juicers) are multifunctional and can juice a wider variety of products; ranging from hard and soft fruits, hard vegetables and even leafy greens. If your goal is to include more greens in your diet, a slow juicer would be the better option. The best slow juicer can also be used to make smoothies and sorbets.

Due to the high speed function of a centrifugal juicer, the juice quality is moderate and less fresh tasting. High speed generates heat; causing a loss of nutrients, more foam and sediment separation. Comparatively, a slow juicer derives its name from slowly squeezing the produce to make juice. The low speed does not affect the enzymes and antioxidants; resulting in high quality juice that is longer lasting. Since no heat is generated, a slow juicer / masticating juicer can also be referred to as a cold press juicer.

As with all things in life, great quality is accompanied by a greater price tag. Hence, a masticating (slow) juicer is more expensive than a centrifugal juicer.

Fact 2: The juicing space-time continuum

It is also imperative to factor in your kitchen storage space during the decision making process. Is the juicer easily accessible in the kitchen? Does it consume too much counter space? If you have large counter spaces, a litany of juicer options are available to you. Contrastingly, with a limited counter space, the more feasible solution is a slim designed juicer.

If you will be juicing on a daily basis, how much prep time are you realistically able to allocate before rushing out of the house to send the children to school or arrive to work on time? These questions are dire in choosing the best juicer for you. If your answer was that you’re mostly pressed for time, a whole juicer with a wide feeding tube that doesn’t require you to pre-cut your fruits and vegetables would be optimal.

Having said that, another point to consider regarding time and convenience is that a centrifugal juicer would create the juice output faster than a masticating / slow juicer (as its name implies).

Fact 3: Clean Up

This final fact check is often overlooked but it is as equally significant as the others. The ease and convenience at which you are able to clean your juicer will singlehandedly determine your commitment levels to juicing regularly for a healthier lifestyle.

A centrifugal juicer operates by using sharp cutting blades to juice hard fruits and thick vegetables, so more awareness and care is required in handling the equipment to prevent accidents in the kitchen. Alternatively, there are no sharp cutting blades in a masticating juicer. Instead of cutting the produce, the masticating juicer is designed to apply pressure to separate the pulp and juice from the fruits and vegetables. As such, there is a lower risk for accidents when handling a masticating juicer.

Be sure to select a juicer that is easy and safe to disassemble, wash, dry and re-assemble. Remember, you’re on the hunt for the best juicer; not a 1000 piece puzzle set!

Bonus Fact: The Journey Begins After the Purchase

So you’ve done the research, committed to your chosen juicer and brought it home with you. What comes next? The after sales journey is the final crucial factor in determining a positive, life-changing juicing experience.

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