Health experts recommend a minimum consumption of 5 fruits and vegetables per day. To lead a healthier lifestyle, you need to be aware that there are an amplitude of benefits to juicing. With knowledge comes great incentive to take the next step towards better health.

Juicing Benefit #1

Eases the required consumption of 5 cups of fruits and vegetables

Compared to eating fruits and vegetables in their whole forms, juicing helps you to conveniently achieve the daily required amount of fruits and vegetables as it extracts the maximum nutrients.

Juicing Benefit #2

Enhances & boosts energy levels

Fruits consist of natural sugars such as fructose and sucrose, resulting in energy boosts. Root vegetables such as celery and carrots positively influence energy levels as well. By juicing regularly, you eliminate processed and artificial sweeteners from your diet thus enhancing energy levels.

Juicing Benefit #3

Boosts immunity

Research shows that your overall health is directly related to the health of your digestive system. Drinking fresh juices help to absorb essential nutrients and vitamins that strengthen the immune system cells in the digestive system. You can also naturally increase your Vitamin C intake by adding more citrus fruits and leafy greens in the juice.

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Orange and Lemon Juice

Juicing Benefit #4

Weight loss (Our Favourite Juicing Benefit!)

Provided that the correct balance of fruits and vegetables are used, juicing can lead to weight loss as it increases metabolism rates and removes toxins from the body.
Fruit juice can be high in sugar concentration so if you are aiming to shed a few kilos, it is advisable to use more vegetables as a natural sweetener instead.

Juicing Benefit #5

Detoxes the body

Juicing enables you to absorb vital nutrients while flushing out toxins from your body. Toxins lower metabolism rates and immunity levels. Hit the ‘refresh’ button on your body with a juice cleanse and feel good inside-out!

Juicing Benefit #6

Aids digestion

Due to the high fiber content in fruits and vegetables, it is more challenging to consume whole fruits and vegetables in order to achieve the daily required amount. By juicing, you eliminate the challenges of digesting fibrous ingredients.

Juicing Benefit #7

Increases focus and concentration

Juicing is also beneficial for mental health. Through juicing, your intake of vitamins and antioxidants increases, putting into motion a domino effect; increasing energy and immunity levels and ultimately, improving your focus and concentration.

Juicing Benefit #8

Improved sleep patterns

Some fruits such as kiwis and cherries are packed with melatonin, a hormone that plays a vital role in the sleep cycle. If you suffer from insomnia, add more fruits that contain melatonin to your juices to get a good night’s sleep.

Kiwi Juice

Juicing Benefit #9

Alleviates skin problems

Fruits and vegetables have various vitamins and nutrients that balances hormones, stimulate circulation, increase collagen production and promote overall skin health. Drinking fresh juices is effective in alleviating skin problems and achieving glowing skin.

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Juicing Benefit #10

Eases incorporating a healthy diet for children

Fruits and vegetables are an acquired taste for most, especially children. Juicing is the ideal solution to incorporate a healthy diet for all family members as consuming the produce in juice form is faster, easier and tastier too.

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