Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the most commonly asked questions from Kuvings Customers.

A slow juicer or (widely known as cold press juicer) is a juicer that utilises the masticating technique of extracting juice from fruits and  vegetables. This low-speed, low-heat style of extraction allows more nutrients to be extracted from the fruit/vegetable used in the juicing process.

You can also expect 30% more juice than a conventional high speed juicer  (widely known as a centrifugal juicer), ensuring a wholesome juicing experience.

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Traditionally, centrifugal juicers are the most common type of juicers that use force to separate the juice from flesh with a fast spinning metal blade. High speed blades have been known to create a lot of airflow inside the centrifugal juicer which oxidises ingredients rapidly during the juicing process.

In comparison cold press juicers have no blades and produce much less heat during the juicing process. This ensures all the healthy nutrients are well intact in your juice. With whole cold press juicers, it comes with a whole lot of benefits as compared to normal cold press juicers.

Food preparation and cleaning time would be greatly reduced as the specifications are engineered to be more user friendly. Kuvings wide mouth flap gate design is a patented technology that is curated for effective whole fruit cold press juicing and wider pulp output.

Cold Press, Masticating, and Slow Juicers are all the same terms for a juicer. The name comes from its juicing technology in a slow pressing/masticating motion which greatly reduces production of heat in the process and retains great benefits of fruits/vegetables in terms of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Thus, produces higher quality juice and produces more juice as compared to normal “centrifugal” juicers.

Majority of your store-bought juice nutrients have been degraded due to exposure to heat and oxygen. Hence, this affects the health benefits and taste of store-bought juices. No doubt, many people enjoy cold pressed juice for its enjoyable and smooth taste.

With proper storage in the refrigeration, cold pressed juicers can last up to 72 hours (3 days). It is best recommended to consume within 3 days to get the best nutrients from your cold pressed juice. Whereas, centrifugal juicer will only last up to 24 hours (1 Day).

It is recommended to store your cold pressed juices in the refrigerator right after juicing. Proper cooling storage will ensure your cold pressed juice to extend shelf life and improve color and taste. Juice with a low PH (high acidity) will generally last longer than juice with high PH.

If you are planning to deliver your cold pressed juices, ensuring cool temperature is optimum to preserve your cold pressed juice at its best quality.

Yes, it's best practice to keep the cold-press juice in the refrigerator right after juicing. This ensures maximum shelf life (up to 72 hours).

Vacuum Blender is a whole new concept from an average blender. By incorporating vacuum technology with a blender, this concept removes air from the ingredients in the blender jug prior to blending. Thus, prevents oxidation and retains fresh fibre and nutrition in the process.

Kuvings Vacuum Blender soft vacuum technology produces less noise as compared to average high-speed blenders; enabling you to enjoy vivid colors, fresher flavours and fibre.

This varies according to different consumer’s preferences. Comparatively, vacuum blenders and cold press juicer can be used for different purposes and have different advantages. 

Vacuum blenders have more fiber intake. This allows you to be more full after drinking; which helps greatly in reducing food intake. Kuvings Vacuum Blender can be used to make smoothies, powders, and sauces. It is also easier to wash/handle and comes with a tumbler to preserve the freshness of your juice. If kept refrigerated, the juice can be preserved for up to 7 days (in vacuum state).

Whereas for whole cold-press juicers, there are less insoluble fibers as the fibers are discarded from the wide pulp output. Cold press juices are focused on nutrients such as fruit minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. Due to its liquid form, the body can absorb the nutrients better and faster.  Kuvings whole cold press juicers can make quality cold press juices, smoothies and sorbets (requires additional accessories).


Rest assured that our IPAY88 & Arrow Checkout payment gateway is secure.

Yes, we do support 0% interest installments. Maybank credit card users can opt for 6/12 months installments with Maybank Ezpay. Whereas other local bank debit and credit cards can opt for 3 months installments with ATOME or SHOPBACK Paylater.

First add your product to cart > click on the red checkout button that says “Maybank Ezypay/ Shopback Paylater” > You will be redirected to the checkout page to fill up your information > Proceed to payment page and select either:

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We process orders when our office is open during weekdays, excluding public holidays. For Klang Valley orders, we offer same day delivery for orders before 12pm. For outstation orders, we will ship out the same day for orders before 3pm.

Klang valley orders are usually delivered by our own drivers. Under some circumstances, we will deliver via grab/lalamove. Whereas for outstation deliveries, we deliver via DHL Ecommerce or Citylink.

We offer free shipping for orders above RM50 nationwide. For orders below RM50, we charge RM15 nationwide. 

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Our service center is located in Setiawalk Puchong.

The full address is: SUITE E-1-4, 4th Floor, Setiawalk, PSRN Wawasan, 47160 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.

You may whatsapp us at 03-5885 4151 / message us on social media / or email us at first and we will help to diagnose your problem.

If it is required to be sent in to our service center for further inspection you may courier your Kuvings to use or we can arrange a pickup service at a fee.

We recommend sending in your slow juicer annually for motor service maintenance. This service is free if your motor is still under warranty. For a juicer motor that is out of warranty period, a service fee of RM100 will be charged.