In the month of Ramadan, Muslims in Malaysia fast for a total of 14 hours where they abstain from consuming food and beverages during daylight hours. With the sudden change in meal times, there are only two windows of opportunity to rehydrate; at sahur (pre-dawn meal) and buka puasa (break of fast).

In order to beat the fatigue this Ramadan, rehydration is essential. Understanding the powerful benefits of juicing the correct balance of fruits and vegetables is important to achieve the maximum intake of water and nutrients.

Here are 5 suggested fruits and vegetables to include in preparing Ramadan Juices:

1. Dates: High Sugar Content Helps To Boost Energy

As part of Islamic teachings and practices, Muslims break their fast with dates for a quick boost of energy since it is high in sugar content. Another way to consume dates is to create a date juice by simply blending water with a cup of softened, pitted dates.  

2. Cucumbers: 97% Water Content For Optimal Hydration

Cucumbers are one of the most hydrating vegetables with a 97% water concentration which makes it optimal for rehydration, detox and also as a coolant (ideal in Malaysia’s hot and humid weather).

3. Apples: 88% Water + High Sugar = Hydrating Energy Booster

Apple juice consists of 88% water and has traditionally been used to treat dehydration for children. While its high sugar content is beneficial in terms of boosting energy levels and increasing stamina, it is advised to mix the apple juice with equal parts of water to prevent any adverse effects.
Juicing Tip: Use a wide mouth slow juicer that reduces preparation time as you can juice whole fruits without cutting them.

4. Coconut Water: Rich in Electrolytes to Rehydrate and Increase Stamina

Commonly used as an alternative to sugary energy drinks, coconut water is popular amongst sports athletes and fitness enthusiasts due to its high number of electrolytes coupled with low calories. Maintaining hydration levels is critical for building stamina and influences energy levels.

5. Lettuce: Concentrated Potassium Levels to Balance Fluids

This leafy vegetable contains high amounts of potassium which is fundamental in balancing fluid levels. Create a rehydrating Ramadan juice by adding lettuce to the mixture.
Juicing Tip: For maximum nutrients and less wastage, use a slow juicer machine when juicing leafy greens.
While selecting the correct balance of fruits and vegetables for juicing during Ramadan, it is also recommended to apply the suku suku separuh lifestyle, as introduced by Ministry of Health Malaysia, in our regular daily lives. Suku suku separuh includes rationing your food portions as follows: ¼ carbohydrates, ¼ proteins and ½ fruit and vegetables. We can easily achieve the latter portion by juicing daily. 

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