Malaysian is synonymous with food heaven. Our multiracial ethnicity has brought together many yummylicious foods that have got us into the the TOP 10 of World’s 50 Best Food.

But it's no joke when Malaysians are leading the obesity chart to be the second highest in Asia. So whenever someone decides to be on a diet, the idea of parting with our delicious foods scare us the most.

What if we tell you that there are ways to enjoy these delish meals while tweaking it a bit to keep it healthy? Here are a few tips you can try while you are cooking!


1. Chicken Curry with Roti Canai


  • Don't combine this meal with Teh Tarik. I know it's a good combo, but enjoy this with warm water or a hot less-sugar barley drink for extra source of whole grain. 
  • Limit to 1 serving of Chicken (e.g: 1 pcs drumstick, 1 pcs chicken wing)
  • You could substitute coconut milk (santan) with low fat yoghurt for a healthier option. 
  • If you’re preparing yourself, limit the usage of salt and sugar and indulge more vegetables (carrot, potato) inside. 


2. One Pot Chicken Rice 

  • Keep a balanced portion; ¼ plate of Chicken, ¼ plate of medium bowl Rice. ½ plate of raw Cucumber and Tomato slices. The more vegetables, the better. 
  • Use as minimum dipping sauce as possible and limit chicken soup to only 1 small bowl
  • Pair this meal with plain water with a slice of lemon.


3. Banana fritters

  • This is the trickiest one! You will have no choice but to serve this with fresh cut fruits.
  • Pairing this one with plain water will be weird right, so you may opted for no sugar black tea or coffee
  • Enjoy this by sharing with your family and friends so you will have mindful eating and be able to control the portion. 


4. Ayam Masak Merah

  • Keeping a balanced portion will be the key; ¼ plate of white rice, ¼ plate of this Ayam masak merah, and another ½ plate of veggies. 
  • Avoid scooping out the sambal and leave out the oils. 
  • Compliment this meal with plain ice water and fresh cut apples.


Practicing healthy eating doesn’t only involve eating oats or plain salads. You could simply enjoy your normal meals as long as you know how to keep a balanced portion (Suku Suku Separuh), pair it with fresh veggies and fruits, and consume lots of plain water. 

Suku suku separuh plate by Ministry of Health Malaysia


Increase your physical activities, limit your sedentary lifestyle, limit your salt and sugar intake and enjoy more fresh whole foods. Preparing your own meals and consuming juices with 100% fruits and vegetables will be a good alternative to indulge in more portions of veggies and fruits.

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