Healthy Hangout Treats That You Should Try -

Healthy Hangout Treats That You Should Try

What is the common place you visit whenever you're meeting your besties? 

Aesthetic cafes? Outdoor centers? Mamak? Or just casually hanging out at the comfort of your own home? 

If your answer is the latter one, we might be a good match. Casually chatting and updating about our lives to our closed ones seems more comfortable to do in our own home. We will have the privilege to avoid long traffic, distractions and the luxury of staying at one place for hours. 

And this session won't be complete with some good snacks and sweet treats. Psst this is the time to show off your ‘kitchen skills’ to your bestie.


Continue reading, as we will share some ideas for easy sweet treats that you can serve your guests without having to be stuck in your kitchen for hours, and still looking properly prepared. 

Cold Pressed Juices

What not to love about delicious good looking 100% fruits and vegetables juices? Make a juice combo of oranges, carrot and slices of lemon for a fresh sweet taste to serve for your guest. It’s an easy to go combo to eat with any type of cooked meal of takeaway foods as well. 

Smoothie Bowl 

smoothie bowl

Some aesthetic healthy grain smoothie bowl won’t hurt right? Rather than ordering from cafes that might cause you around RM20 for a bowl, you can definitely serve it yourself using the same cold pressed juicer. 

Just chuck in your frozen fruits (blueberries, banana) and your preferred liquid (almond milk, full cream milk, coconut juice). Add sliced fruits, nuts and rolled oats as toppings and you can serve them like a professional. 

Cold Sorbet


You can easily score extra points if you have younger guests joining in! What could go wrong with ice cream? NOTHING. And all you need to have is just frozen foods. That’s it. Just change the strainer and you will be ready to have some premium sorbet ready on your table. Friends who eat healthy together, stick together forever!

Get all these three things ready by using only ONE cold pressed juicer. Kuvings Juicer will always be ready to serve your guests with some premium level treats!

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