How To Choose Your Kuvings

Having trouble choosing the right Kuvings juicer for you? You've come to the right place!

Allow us to assist you to find the perfect juicer for you and your family.

Our Entry-Level Juicer

"Reliable Ryan" B1700

Since his release, Ryan has been a fan favourite! A simple cold-press juicer that uses our original patented whole fruit cold press juicing technology - it can't be any simpler than this.

With a 2 Year Motor warranty and 1 Year Parts Warranty, this is the perfect choice for those who wish to start dipping their toes in the world of cold press juicing.

Our Best Value Juicer

"Refined Robin" EVO700

Our 2021 release, Robin is our online exclusive model. Borrowing technology from our flagship EVO820, the EVO700 offers incredible value for it's price.

Robin comes with a 5 Year Motor Warranty and 1 Year Parts warranty. He is also packed with a Free Sorbet Strainer worth RM199 to help you make delicious frozen desserts.


"Powerful Poseidon" EVO820

Our best selling Premium Cold Press Juicer by far. Powerful Poseidon EVO820 offers the best we have to offer in terms of juicing technology. It has won multiple awards for it's beautiful appearance and user-friendly design.

The EVO820 comes with an industry leading 10 Years Motor Warranty and 1 Year Part Warranty. This gives you the ultimate peace-of-mind.

Our Smartest Juicer

"Healthfriend" MOTIV1

All the technology of our flagship EVO820 and more. Our Healthfriend juicer is the only juicer in the world with built-in BFA (Body Fat Analyser) sensors.

When paired with an app on your phone, these sensors can do a complete Body Composition Analysis on you and your family members. Based on your specific body composition, the app will recommend specific juices and guided workouts tailored to your needs.

With a 20 Year Motor Warranty and 5 Year Parts Warranty, this is a juicer that's designed to last.

Latest and Greatest

The Dark Knight REVO830

Combining the best of what both vertical and horizontal juicers have to offer, the REVO830 truly is the ultimate juicing machine.

Long gone are days of cutting celery and carrots prior to juicing. With REVO830's dual mouth lid and auto-cutting technology, a vertical slow juicer has never been this easy and efficient to use.

With a 20 Year Motor Warranty and 5 Year Parts Warranty, you won't need to worry about your juicer for a long time.