With Chinese New Year being around the corner, it's inevitable that many of us would want to try a healthier lifestyle. Making small healthy changes to ring in the new year is important, but it's more important to do it the right way. Juicing is such a therapeutic way to treat your body right. You know that you are fueling your body with a nutrient load drink and deserve the best for it to function properly. 

But some rookie mistakes can give you a headache and unnecessary extra stress to add on your day. Here, we list down some common mistakes by our customers so you can possibly avoid it:


Evidence on things we found inside a broken juicer

Don't use chopstick or any cutlery to push the fruits down
Another name for cold pressed juicer is SLOW JUICER. Where you need to slowly feed one ingredient after another. Don't try to speed things up by pushing down the ingredients using any utensils like a spoon or chopstick. If any of these utensils go down into the juicer and get crushed by the auger, it can tear off the juicing screen, break the juicer lid or possibly chip off the auger itself. 

In case your fruits or vegetables didn't come down, slow feed and use a pusher instead. Each juicer purchase will come with a free pusher and that is the only thing you need to push down your ingredients - nothing else. 

Just in case this mistake happened, worry not as we also offer services to replace the broken accessories and parts in our HQ or you can straight purchase from our website here: https://kuvings.my/collections/accessories-parts


Rainbow of fruits and vegetables

Avoid wrong combination of fruits or vegetable
People eat or drink with their eyes first. Bad visual appearance will impact your experience way before you even taste it. Don’t simply mix Red or Orange fruits with deep green vegetables or you will end up with brownish-blackish juice. It almost makes you feel like drinking tonic. 

Do juices with fruits and vegetables from the same group of color and mix around with white flesh ones like jicama, cucumber, and apples. Study the benefits of each ingredient so you can tailor it to your body needs and avoid those that can harm you. As an example, patients with chronic kidney disease cannot consume starfruit. 

Make sure to assemble your juicer properly
Kuvings juicer is well equipped with technology to ensure your safety. It wont turn on until you assemble it properly, to avoid any flying auger or juicer lid. Never smack your juicer or put any physical force to make it work.

Check whether all parts are assembled in the right place and tighten. Make sure you have turned on the power switch and you may refer to the instruction guide provided or simply click the link here for demo. 

Orange Celery Juice

Don't put large seeds or mushy fruits

I know sugarcane juice sounds familiar, but cold pressed juice is not made for that. Hard parts of fruits like coconut shell, avocado and mango seeds not only damage your juicer, they will also cause bitter taste and most of them contain toxic chemicals (cyanogenic components). Mushy fruits like mango, banana, berries and overripe pineapples are also not recommended as you won’t get much juice from them and they are more suitable for smoothies. 

Alternate soft fruits with hard ones. Soft fruits like orange, grapefruits, pineapple, purple cabbage and lemon should be alternated by hard ones like green apple, jicama, beetroot, and carrot. Fresher produce will have more water and taste absolutely better.

Green Rotation Brush

Don’t delay in cleaning up your juicer
Never let your juicer remain unwashed for days. All the concentrated pigments, pulp and liquid sets in quickly and will be harder to remove especially when it is left to dry.

Although it’s tempting, normalize cleaning up your juicer right away after you finish juicing. Each Kuvings juicer comes with a set of brushes. Use the rotating brush to clean up the juicing screen to make your life easier. If you clean it straight after juicing, you practically just need to rinse all the juicer parts without tough scrubbing. 


Choosing a cold pressed juicer means investing in a quality drink partner. A premium juicer that will make your life easy. Easy to clean, longer lasting juice, and a non separated, delicious juice without any preservative. On top of that, you will be part of our active community in @mykuvings that’s not only sharing interesting juice recipes everyday, but generally promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

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Our customer service and technician will always be ready to assist you whenever you have any technical problems or some extra spare parts. You can easily contact us at  03-5885 4151 or drop by to our HQ office in Setiawalk, Puchong. Don't forget to send your juicer for annual service and enjoy discounts on our website. 

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