“I want to consume veggie juice but I heard that…” Hold up! Do you mind if we help you to clear out some doubts or myths about cold pressed juicing that you may hear from your friends? We have been in the cold pressed juice industry for about 20 years and we have heard some common misunderstandings. 


Does cold pressed juice even have fiber?


There are two types of fiber; Soluble and Insoluble Fiber. Both are important for health as they both help in digestion and preventing diseases. Different models of juicer produce different textures of juices (more or less pulp) depending on your preference. That is why cold pressed juices have a thick texture and require you to gulp it down slowly to imitate the act of chewing to allow the saliva to digest the fiber and other nutrients. This is the obvious difference between cold pressed juice and common juice drinks that is more watery and light texture since there’s addition of water (or ice) and sweetener (sugar or condensed milk). 

And drinking juice doesn’t allow you to skip your normal fiber intake from whole fruit
s and vegetables. On the other hand, it should be helping to supplement your intake of fruits and veggies in case you are unable to meet the recommended amounts. Consumption of cold pressed juice is limited to one serving per day. 

Can we keep the juices?


Studies have shown that juices produced by Kuvings cold pressed juicer can last up to 3 days. ONLY IF you fill the juices up to the brim of the bottle to not allow any air excess that can cause oxidation and keep it in the fridge. This will give advantages for the busy bee to have their juice stock ready during the weekdays as you can prepare ahead for 3 days worth of juices. The color, nutrients and taste wise are proven not to change in 3 days time. 


Can drinking juices cause Diabetes?


YES if we are referring to readymade pack juices that we commonly found in the market. They usually consist of water, sweetener such as high fructose corn syrup, and most of them have only small amounts of real juice.

NO if it is 100% of fruits and vegetables without addition of water and sweetener. And as we always advise our user to keep your juice recipe in the 80:20 portion. 80% of veggies, and 20% of fruits. Incorporate more leafy vegetables such as spinach, bok choy, choy sum, kailan, or even watercress in your daily juice as they are low in calories but packed with nutrients. 

Cold pressed juices may not cause diabetes in normal people if taken properly but those who already suffer from diabetes, should really monitor the fruits serving and combine the juice with high fiber and protein food. Consult with your doctor and dietitian to plan the best fruits and vegetables for your daily intake.


Can juice help in weight loss?


As I mentioned above, they contain fiber and calories and that will help you to feel full. Hence, consuming cold pressed juices will help you to reduce and control your portion intake. 

But here’s an important reminder, COLD PRESSED JUICES SHOULD NOT REPLACE THE INTAKE OF SOLID FOOD. If you are planning to skip your meal and starve yourself to lose weight in a short amount of time, then it is not recommended. Cold pressed juices should help to provide more variety of nutrients on top of your daily intake and not replace them all together. 

We hope we have helped to clear out the air of how you think about cold pressed juices. Just so you know that we also have an active community in case you have any further questions about cold pressed juices. You may join or drop your inquiry in our social media channels (Facebook mykuvings & Instagram @mykuvings). 

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