Are you a person who loves ice cream and can eat it every day?

Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and more. It is delicious… we all know that.. Unfortunately we all also know that these ice creams tend to be full sugar and unhealthy empty calories.

We know we all need some sugar in our lives, but we should always try to reduce our artificial sugar intake whenever possible!

Have you tried sorbets? It is the healthy version of ice cream, and you can have much more without worrying about your health! Of course, it is also another way for you to have your daily fruit intake.

Let me explain it for you😉

What is the difference between sorbet🍎 and ice cream🍨?

Sorbet is a frozen dessert made with pure frozen fruits - ice cream contains dairy products such as whole-fat milk, heavy cream and a lot of added sugars😣


What is in your ice cream?

Well, did you know what your favorite ice cream is made of?

-   Full cream milk

-   Heavy cream

-   Condensed milk

-   Tons of sugar

-   Chemicals such as Heliotropin, Diethyl Glycol, Sodium Benzoate, etc.

-   Additives such as stabilizers and emulsifiers


Yes, you might think your favourite ice cream is more delicious than a frozen fruit dessert, but you have to know that most ice creams contain food additives, food flavorings and food coloring to make them taste better and look more appealing and attractive to buyers, especially kids.

Studies have shown that the sugar content in ice cream is very high. Thus, consumption of these ice creams may lead to adverse health effects such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, increasing cholesterol levels, and more. Most ice creams use whole-fat milk and heavy cream. Therefore, it is very high in calories, leading to weight gain and, eventually, obesity😣


Hmm… how about low fat and no-sugar-added ice creams?🤔

Yes, there are low-fat and no-sugar-added ice creams marketed as “healthy” ice creams. However, they are still calorie-dense! They may be “healthier,” but it still contains processed ingredients and artificial sweeteners to make them taste good so that buyers would still buy them. Who would want to purchase horrible-tasting ice cream, right? The chemicals and additives in the ice creams itself make them not the best choice of dessert after all, and it is definitely not as healthy as you thought!😥

If you think that consuming no-sugar-added ice creams or low-fat ice creams makes you healthier and does not contribute to weight gain, you are wrong  


Why should you choose sorbets?

Our sorbets are made from pure frozen fruits. It does not have any added flavors as they get the flavors from the fruits. Also, there is no sugar added as the sweetness comes from the fruits themselves!

On top of that, sorbets are packed with nutrients from the fruits, unlike ice cream, which contains chemicals and tons of sugar.

Tip: Sorbets can be a way to ensure your children have the nutrients they need! Substitute ice creams which are packed with calories, sugars, and chemicals with nutritious and delicious sorbets💁


Why do people hesitate to buy sorbets instead of ice cream?

 Well, one of the factors is the pricing $$$

Sometimes, sorbets can be double or triple the price of ice creams🤨, which makes you choose the cheaper and more delicious option, ice cream.

Well, what about making your own sorbets? 🥭🍉🍊

You can customize your sorbets with your favorite fruits, and you can have them whenever you like! Sounds exciting right🤩

Get yourself your own sorbet maker from Kuvings and make them at home for your loved ones! No sugar, no calories, only packed with nutrients and fiber!

Remember that health is wealth🧡

Did this help you choose the right dessert for your body and your loved ones?

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