Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset during the month of Ramadan, the 9th month of the Islamic calendar (Hijra). Since Hijra is a lunar calendar, Ramadan occurs at different times in the seasonal year over a 33-year cycle. 

During fasting, you are not allowed to eat or drink. Thus increasing the chances of dehydration as a healthy adult is recommended to drink 30-35ml of water per kg of body weight. Fluids help transport nutrients to your body cells, flush out bacteria and toxins from the bladder, and maintain proper kidney function.  

So it is important to plan your days ahead to have enough water intake during fasting. Especially if you exercise while fasting, live in a high temperature environment or taking any medications that require extra fluids. 

Recommended fluid intake during Ramadan


The best way to absorb water and electrolytes is through whole foods, and not supplements, unless you are advised by your doctor. Drinking plenty of water during a fast will help to fill up your stomach. Proper hydration will make your fasting journey a whole lot easier, and help smooth your transition back to food. It helps in maximizing athletic performance, boosts energy levels and delays muscle fatigue.

Cold drink or warm water is better? 

Well, it depends. If you are sweaty, overheated or have just finished exercising, cold water will both rehydrate and refresh you. But it can cause your blood vessels to contract and cause indigestion.

Warm water on the other hand will make you less thirsty and help with digestion. Warm water helps blood circulation which is very convenient as a muscle relaxant and aids against constipation.

Naturally, it is more recommended to drink warm or room temperature water or you may make it slightly cold if you prefer to.

Fruits and vegetables are both hydrating and loaded with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Some examples of water-rich fruits and vegetables: Cucumber (96% water), Spinach (93%), watermelon (92%), orange (86%) and apple (85%). Fresh fruit juices are more recommended than sweetened juices. Look how we combine all those into cups of delicious juices:

Juice 1 (Cucumber Green Juice)

Cucumber Green Juice
1 stick Japanese Cucumber
2 pcs Green Apple
1 slice Lemon
Juice 2 (Watermelon Red Juice)
Watermelon Red Juice
3 slices Watermelon
1 pcs Red Apple
1 slice Lemon
Juice 3 (Sweet Orange Boost)
2 pcs of Orange
1 stick Carrot
1 slice Lemon

Consume more water and fresh fruits and vegetables, and limit your intake of salty and spicy foods that increase thirst and lead to dehydration. May you have a healthy and blissful Ramadan this year!


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