Kuvings’ Molly multi-function cooker is a widely-loved appliance in many Malaysian households. As Ramadan comes to an end and makes way for the celebration of Aidilfitri, Molly is the perfect cooking companion for your convenience this month. 

The best part about Molly is how versatile it is. Molly comes with a Teflon coating that makes it non-stick and easy to wash, and five types of plates to make cooking different delicacies an easier task. Especially during Hari Raya when there are so many delicious foods to make, Molly’s multi-function abilities will ease your burden and save you a lot of hassle. 

If you’re looking to maximize your Molly use this Raya, here are some recipes you can try making with Molly! 

Ayam Masak Merah

Ayam masak merah is simply a classic - whether served with tomato rice (nasi tomato) or plain white rice, and you definitely want to consider cooking it for Raya this year.

Banana Fritters / Cekodok Pisang


Cekodok pisang - also known as banana fritter is a sweet staple that comes to mind when Malay desserts are mentioned. This is such an easy recipe to try, even if you’re only just warming up to your Molly for the first time! 

Malaysian Chicken Curry

The absolute staple curry dish in most Malaysian households is without a doubt, chicken curry. There are many renditions/versions of the chicken curry, and while they all have something unique to offer, the Malaysian chicken curry is the perfect dish for Hari Raya. Serve with roti jala, pulut kuning or even ketupat and rendang, and you’ve got a hearty and delicious meal!

Ayam Goreng Berempah

The most flavorful, fragrant and delicious fried chicken can now be a part of your Raya dishes! Fried chicken can be so easy and fast to make without compromising flavor - all thanks to Kuvings’ multi-function cooker, Molly! 

 Kaya Ball in 3 Ways (with a twist)

Molly comes with 5 plates - one of it being a takoyaki plate. The best part of this is not just the takoyaki you can make, but also all the kaya balls! Malaysians love this sweet, soft dessert. Here's our recipe and unique twist on the traditional kaya balls for you to try this Raya! 


There are endless possibilities with what you can cook with Molly's 5 interchangeable plates. We hope that the above recipes could inspire you to cook a variety of delicious Raya recipes at home!

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Joanna Destiny