Welcoming little ones can be both joyful and also full of worries. Worry that you might be lacking in providing enough nutrients for their growth, worry of the complications during delivery later, worrying whether you can be the best parents and the list goes on. 

Let’s cross the first one from the checklist, shall we? 

Pregnant mothers are encouraged to consume plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains, calcium-rich foods and foods low in saturated fat. Studies show that babies that do not get proper nutrition early on are prone to diseases later in life.

Considering some pregnancy symptoms that include vomiting, headache, nausea and  heartburn, it makes eating healthy a big challenge. Combining cold pressed juices with daily meal intake would certainly help to boost the extra nutrients and calories for both mother and baby. 

 Below are few key fruits and vegetables that help to address common problems faced by pregnant mom:



Packed with iron and folate that is responsible for preventing serious defects of the brain and spine. Green leafy vegetables are high in fiber which bulks up food and keeps you feeling full, and bowel movement prevents constipation and hemorrhoids that normally occur in pregnant mothers. They are also low in calories making it safe to consume daily.

Juice Recipe:

- 2 pcs Green apple

- 1 handful Spinach

- 1 slice Lemon

- 1 inch Ginger (optional)



High in energy & iron and helps prevent iron-deficiency like anemia. Technically, radiant red fruits and vegetables mostly benefit heart health. Making it a good drink before your monthly pregnancy check up so you wont get your hemoglobin reading below the recommended level.

Juice Recipe:

- 1 pc Pomegranate

- 1 slice Lemon



High in Vitamin C that is good for the immune system and helps in increasing iron absorption for blood formation to deliver oxygen throughout the body. It is safe to eat throughout pregnancy, helping relax muscles and aid digestion.

Juice Recipe:

- 1/2 pc Guava

- 1 stalk Celery

- 1 stick Japanese Cucumber

- 1 slice Lemon

Don't forget to clean the fruits and vegetables thoroughly before juicing since it will be consumed raw and pregnant mothers' immune systems are easily compromised. 

Consult with your doctors before consuming any juice that contains bitter gourd as it could cause very low blood sugar when mixed with some diabetes medicines. So it is not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women to consume in large amounts.

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