Making sure kids finish their meal is already a tough job, what more prepping no salt no sugar meals for them. It will limit your choice to buy from the outside and ‘forcing’ you to prepare your own most of the time. But trust me, it will be worth your time and effort. 


Number of cases of hypertension in children and adolescents has grown considerably in the last few decades. One of the factors that contributes to this has been shown to be due to incorrect eating habits, particularly, excessive salt and sugar intake. These can contribute to the onset of hypertension in children, especially those with excess weight. 

Other than that, it may also affect their kidney function and cause dehydration. Babies have a delicate system and too much salt from sources other than natural foods like veggies and fruits, breast milk and/or formula may damage the organ. 



Use natural food flavor from fruits and veggies. These are some natural food flavoring for you to consider: 


1 medium (40g) stalk of celery contains about 30 mg of sodium.


Homemade Chicken Stocks

Make a broth of chicken feet, tomato, celery, carrot, and onions for a few hours. Scoop the broth and freeze it into cubes. Use it like chicken stock as extra flavor when preparing soup.


Dried Herbs & Black Pepper

Dried herbs like oregano, rosemary or thyme can also be useful to give the extra flavors. Start introducing black pepper in small amounts and observe your kid’s reaction.

Readymade Natural Food Seasoning

Examples: Mushroom seasoning, pure vegetable seasoning, anchovies powder, natural cheese flakes and many more. Make sure to check the ingredients list for sodium and sugar content.

Natural Sweeteners to Replace Sugar

'No sugar' refers to 'No White Refined Sugar'. Some mummies often get mixed up by this concept and refrain feeding their babies natural food sweeteners. Here is a simple guideline for mummies:

1. Any fruit can be added to baby food to make them naturally sweet

2. Dates Syrup (After 8 months)

3. Honey (After 1 year)



Other than reducing the risk of developing diseases like hypertension and diabetes, you can make sure that your child does not develop salty cravings and sweet tooth by avoiding sugar and salt in the early years. They will be more open to try new food variations and have wider food preferences before establishing their own food pattern. This will surely affect their food choices and preferences when they grow up.

Investing your time to learn about healthy baby food journeys will surely benefit both you and baby. Parents should carefully check the food labels when selecting commercial toddler foods and store bought juice drinks as they are also a potential concern due to sodium or sugar content. 

Find easy homemade baby meals that suit your ability and never stop trying even when your kids refuse to taste them at times. Eat together with them and make mealtimes as enjoyable as possible.

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