Whether you are a home cook, an expert chef or you have recently picked up interest in cooking as a result of the lockdown, we can all agree that cooking can sometimes get messy and complicated. Preparing a meal with multiple components can be time consuming and admittedly, may cause a headache when we’re faced with stacks of pots and pans growing higher in the sink.

Introducing Molly the Multi-Function Cooker to solve all your kitchen worries! Molly is a fuss-free and versatile cooker that can serve a mean grill or fierce curry from anywhere. Its simple yet modern design is made to fit perfectly on your countertop and brighten up the space.

Ideal for small families, a get-together with friends or even for a single person to use, Molly comes with numerous benefits that you’ll love:

#1 Versatile and Adaptable

It's called a Multi-Function Cooker for good reason! Inclusive of the 3L deep plate and flat snack plate, you can use this multicooker to pan fry, stew, grill, boil and so much more! It’s highly adaptable and suits all your cooking needs. Dubbed as our Little Miss International, you can use Molly to cook all sorts of cuisines ranging from Malaysian curry to English breakfast to Japanese gyozas.

#2 Easy to Use, Easy to Clean

The main attraction is that even newbies will find it easy to use. Enjoy convenient cooking with its simple sliding heat knobs, and you'll be in awe at how easy it is to wash and clean. Say bye-bye to the days of scrubbing away at stubborn stains on pots and pans!

#3 A Safer and Healthier Choice

This multicooker was designed with your health and safety in mind and is suitable for even teenagers to use. Parents can feel at ease letting their teens prepare meals as no gas fire is involved. Molly is also a healthier alternative as its non-stick plate surface allows you to cook with little to no oil!
Consider Molly the Multi-Function Cooker as your gateway to a healthier lifestyle and regain control over your health today. For more guidance on a wholesome diet and nutrition plan, get a personal health coach plus customised meal plan based on your individual requirements.

#4 Get an Instant Meal Fix or Keep Food Warm for Later

This multicooker is the perfect solution whether you need an instant meal fix or want to prepare food in advance. Get a breakfast sandwich ready in under 5 minutes and stay full with a hearty breakfast even if you are rushing late in the morning. Molly also comes with a Keep Warm function so you can save your food for later and still have it warm and fresh.

#5 Ideal for Travel

Weighing in at a mere 2kg (body only), Molly is lightweight and ideal as a travel companion. Bring her along on your next road trip and add a fun cooking activity with friends and family to your agenda!
With all these benefits, you’ll find cooking so much easier with Molly in your life. 
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