Fruit juices are recommended for many groups of people, particularly new mums. Juicing provides numerous benefits to new mothers, such as weight loss, clearer skin, reduced stress levels and overall improved health.
One of the reasons that juicing has gained popularity is due to the significant advancement of juicer technology. The latest juicing technology makes the juice extracting process convenient, highly efficient, and maximizes the nutrients of fruits and veggies. It also provides you with the flexibility to design your own recipes and use different combinations of fruits and vegetables to add to your slow juicer.

Here are some of the many benefits of juicing for new mums:

Juicing Benefit #1: You get maximum nutrients with minimal effort

As you spend most of your time caring for your newborn baby, you might find yourself extremely occupied with little time for yourself. Fortunately, juicing can be a simple and convenient process as all it requires is for you to put the ingredients into your slow juicer.

Furthermore, slow juicing is great as the slow-crushing action helps to extract maximum nutrients from fruits and veggies. The slow juicer produces a higher quality juice with additional pulp, which provides additional nutritional content to the drink.
Juicing Benefit #2: It helps to restore your strength after delivery of the baby

After a laborious delivery, it is important for new mums to recover, regain energy and rebuild strength — all of which can be achieved with juicing.

Juicing fruits is very effective in killing toxins that are stored in your digestive tract. By getting rid of these toxins, it will improve your digestion process and help to restore your energy so you can function at peak performance.

Juicing Benefit #3: It gives you an immunity boost and enhances overall health

With juicing, you can reap various nutritional benefits of different fruit and vegetable ingredients. Get creative in your kitchen and discover which juicing concoctions work best for your health! Here are some key ingredients that are especially beneficial for new mums to get you started:

  • Celery – Extremely effective in strengthening joints and connective tissues. It keeps your blood pressure in check and is a great addition to your juice for better health.
  • Ginger – Improves digestive health and helps to ease your muscle pain. It also works to reduce blood pressure.
  • Kale – Rich in nearly every vitamin you can think of and contains a high amount of essential minerals, especially iron.
  • Lemon – Anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea, it provides you with good amounts of Vitamin C and improves breast health, which is especially relevant for new mums.
  • Raspberries – Includes many antioxidants and is a natural immune-boosting ingredient to keep you strong and healthy.
  • Spinach – A great source of protein and supplies high amounts of iron to help you combat low energy and make new blood cells.
  • Watermelon – Ideal for hydration purposes and rich in potassium and vitamin A. Bonus points: it’s refreshing and perfect for cooling down on a hot summer day.

Need ideas on how to build recipes using these ingredients? Try these immune-boosting juicing recipes!

Juicing is an excellent supplement for new mothers and will certainly help you maintain your energy and battle sleep deprivation while caring for your newborn child.

We understand that new mums might need some extra help to recover and achieve health goals,  get a personal health coach that will guide your journey to recovery, and enjoy other perks like free health screening services plus diet and juicing plans.

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