"Molly" Multi-Function Cooker

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Molly theMulti-function Cooker

Create Special Moments with Delicious Delicacies

Cook Anything with Ease

2 Kinds of Plate

Molly Complete Set comes with up to 2 interchangeable plates to maximise your cooking potential.

3L Deep Plate

Best for soup, stew, steam, boil, braise and even deep fry.

Snack Plate

Cook your perfect Breakfast, come with grill function and round shape for perfect sunny-side egg!

Safety Protection System

Never overcook your food again by making use of the temperature control slider.

Integral Heating System

Unlike other cookers, Molly has an even heating surface to ensure your food cooks evenly no matter where your food is cooking on the plate.

Easy Cooking

Our best selling multi-function cooker can cook almost anything with different levels of heat.

Newtro Design

Sensuous "new-retro" design of Molly will guarantee to fit in perfectly with your kitchen or dining table.

Slide Thermostat

he slide-type temperature controller easily adjusts
the temperature to the right temperature for each dish.

Safe Insulated Handle

There is a handle on the body for convenience. It is removable and
treated with safe insulation material to reduce the risk of burns.