Everything Platters


This serving platter may look simple, but it’s got everything that matters in a platter. Featuring striking wood grains and textures, it is also sleek and sophisticated in design, making everything you serve on it matter even more.

  • Actual Dimensions : 20mm(T) x 200mm(W) x 700mm(L)
  • Wood Material: Thermopine

Bespoke Small Wooden Accessorie

Backley artisans are dedicated to handcrafting one-of-a-kind wooden accessories made with various wood species and every piece is unique with finest precision.

Wood Care

1. Wipe or wash wooden accessories with lukewarm water.
2. Allow the wood to dry and store it in a dry place. Soaking or washing it in a dishwasher will weaken and damage the wood.
3. Rub wooden accessories with some salt and a slice of lemon to sterilize the wood
4. Apply butcher block oil to moisturize the wood.