The first electric blender ever created served only two functions: 1) To make malts and 2) To make shakes. Gradually, blenders evolved into a multifunction device that performs at high-speed; making it almost impossible to even imagine a kitchen without it.
The advancement of technology coupled with raised awareness of health and nutrition led to the invention of today’s modern vacuum blender. These blenders use revolutionary vacuum technology to combat the  concerns of noise and loss of nutrition and flavours, as is the case when choosing the best juicer for you.
Be it a fruit juice blender or a vegetable blender, oxidation of the ingredients within the device has a significant impact on the final output. Continue reading to discover why a vacuum blender is the best blender to add in your list of kitchen appliances.

Vacuum Blender Benefit # 1: Eliminate oxidation for more nutritious blends

While being a life force in itself, oxygen is also the main cause of food losing freshness and going bad or stale. Similarly, that is the reason we are often advised to consume milkshakes and smoothies quickly. When using a normal, high speed blender, there is an oxidative reaction between the ingredients and oxygen which also affects the nutritional value of ingredients.
With  a vacuum blender, you are able to minimise the incorporation of oxygen into the ingredients and final product, thereby allowing you to preserve your juices / smoothies / blended recipes for a longer period of time and still enjoy its freshness.

With a vacuum blender, it is the vacuum that is first activated to remove any oxygen before the blades start to blend the ingredients. This creates the optimal environment for which the ingredients can be blended without losing any nutritional value or taste. As such, health conscious individuals can be rest assured that a vacuum blender can continue to add to their health trajectory and achieve the suku suku separuh as recommended by the Ministry of Health.


Vacuum Blender Benefit # 2: Reduced noise output

The Kuvings vacuum blender has a ‘quiet’ mode and a noise-reducing cover that muffles the sounds emitted while blending. This makes for a more comfortable environment in which users can operate the blender at any time of the day, without having to worry about waking up the baby or disturbing dinner conversations.

Vacuum Blender Benefit # 3: Versatility to create more healthy recipes

With a multifunctional blender, it is possible to create a variety of healthy blender recipes such as healthy juices, smoothies, soups or porridges, vegan milk, sauces, grounded powder and even nut butter.
The Kuvings Vacuum Blender SV-500 comes with an auto-blend button that will automatically remove oxygen from the container, prevent any further air from entering, and then blending at the optimal speed until the correct consistency of the mixture has been achieved. In that state, the blender is also designed to automatically stop blending which avoids an overly runny result.
While a vacuum blender may come with a higher price tag compared to the normal, high speed blenders, it promises to maintain the freshness of your final output whilst simultaneously maximising the retention of nutrients from ingredients.  For the versatility it has to offer, the vacuum blender certainly makes it to the top of our must-have kitchen appliances list.


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