It was indeed a meaningful and insightful workshop we had last Saturday on “Juicing for Cancer”. We were overwhelmed by the response to this workshop but we had to limit the number of participants to 20 in order for all who attend to gain maximum benefit.

Those who attended the workshop, some are suffering from cancer, some have loved ones going through it, and some just wanted to equip themselves with knowledge so they can take preventive steps.

Farah, our lead nutritionist gave a talk about juicing and cancer; specifically on how juicing can play a key factor in cancer prevention and for those who are currently suffering from cancer. She also busted some myths about why juicing is bad for you. She spoke about how fast and effective juicing is in terms of absorption, particularly to cancer patients who are suffering from side effects of medication. The participants were also given information on food that is most effective to help your body fight cancer.

We heard a moving testimony from a cancer sufferer and how she had incorporated juicing into her diet. Indeed, it is a journey for the strong. She encouraged  everyone to keep fighting and not give up. The participants were truly inspired by her.

Miza, our dietitian then gave a juicing demo on a few recipes which are specifically to fight cancer. This was the exciting part of the workshop where the participants had the opportunity to enjoy hands on experience on juicing too, and of course drinking the yummy juices too.

It was so good to see how the participants mingled together, sharing their experiences. It was a chance to know each other on a personal level as each of our journey is so different. We are humbled to be given the privilege to share our expertise too.

We hope to run more workshops like this in the future. It is indeed wonderful to see many walking a happier and healthier journey with Kuvings.

my-kuvings Admin