What’s up with the hype of Bento Box for school kids? 

A bento box is a multi-compartmentalized lunch box that originated in Japan. Each of its compartments holds a single serving of different food items. The rigid sides of the box and the compartments protect the food from getting smashed.

When it’s time to eat, your child can open up the bento box and find a delightful, appealing variety of colorful food. Not even the pickiest child can resist the temptation of the colorful buffet. With a bento box lunch, your child is more likely to eat a healthy variety of fresh food. They may start by only consuming 1 or 2 foods among the rest that you prepared, but they will eventually get there. 

The idea of bento boxes is about moderation and variety. It is to include a colorful variation of food types and flavors, rather than a strict categorization of “good” and “bad” foods to eat.



Bento is proven more efficient than regular Western salads or grain bowls as they only contain “healthy” foods. These takeout options tend to taste repetitive and aren’t sustainable for the long term for most people. Even a glance at the first time will hold them off from trying.


But bento on the other hand isn’t necessarily healthy because of the food they contain, but it is healthy because of the way these foods are balanced together. Sometimes, you can choose to have white rice and fried chicken, but it will also be accompanied with a variety of grilled or steamed vegetables, fresh fruits and sliced cucumber to complement the meal. Packed into one box, you end up not even eating that much fried chicken or white rice because there are other healthy side dishes to enjoy too.



This is what makes bento boxes so popular. They are not just convenient to purchase and eat like fast food is, but they are complete healthy meals with infinite variations. Not too much of any one thing. For mothers who want to make sure their kids eat a healthy meal during the day, a bento box is the answer. 


"But I don't have time to decorate all the stars and make all those cute characters..."


That’s not the point! The more you scroll on how the enthusiastic housewife mom’s bento box, the despair you will feel when preparing your own version. Bento box is not about what cartoon character you are making today, but again it's about the balanced healthy portion in it. 


(Rice, bread, sweet potato, corn)


(Chicken, meat, rolled egg, nuts)


(Fresh cut fruits and veggies)


Extra fats
(Sliced cheese, dipping sauce)

    Sometimes, simple foods are way tastier than a fancy one. Afterall, as long as you kids love it, then that will be enough. You may also ask your kids what they want to be in their bento box for the next day. Bento box could definitely be a medium to show your mother’s love and one thing that they will treasure as part of their childhood memories.

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