What is MYLK?

MYLK is a new word suggestion that refers to plant based milk produced for human consumption. It can be from almond, soybean, oats and many other good sources. So the next time you come across this sentence in the supermarket, you will know what it is and it’s definitely not a misspelling. 

What are the benefits of plant based milk?

It is an ideal lactose free substitute to those with lactose intolerant and suitable to those who choose to eat vegetarian or vegan. It has a great creamy taste while being low in fat contents. People may consume plant-based milk for ethical reasons (animal welfare), environmental reasons (lower water consumption, lower embedded emissions), health reasons, or simple preference.

But it is also well known that plant based milk can be a little bit pricey in the market. Why don't you try to make it yourself, especially if you own a cold pressed juicer.

Making Almond milk

  1. Soak almonds overnight.
  2. Rinse it.
  3. Add one part milk to 1 part of distilled water. Ratio 1:1 
  4. Add dates (optional) for sweet taste.
  5. Serve

Almonds are a little bit sensitive. Make sure you wear your gloves all the time and don’t use tap water to not spoil the almond milk. You may add the water portion if you like a less thicker milk texture. 

Making Soy Milk

  1. Soak soy overnight.
  2. Rinse soybean.
  3. Add one part milk to 1 part of distilled water. Ratio 1:1
  4. Warm it and always stir in the same circular motion
  5. Add pandan leaves and sugar to taste
  6. Serve

Warm the soymilk only in moderate heat and do not let it until boil as the milk will curdle. Leave it to cool then it is ready to be served.

Homemade milk is much more preferable as you can control the level of sweetness, thickness and also reduce the contamination. It is important to rinse the beans and nuts thoroughly and make sure that it is properly covered while you leave it overnight in the fridge. 

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