Australian researchers at the University of Queensland examined 41 studies and found that people who live alone are more likely to eat non healthy and lousy foods. They will have a low diversity of foods, lack core food groups (fruits, vegetables) or suffer over consumption of the same meals over again (eating too much of the same thing). It’s not a surprise if meals are often instant noodles, pre-heated leftover foods, or fried rice with sauce on top.

It may be surprising to some, but men living alone are at greater risk of unhealthy diets when compared to women. The percentage of people who live alone is growing around the world and malnutrition has increased to a worrying level. The pandemic compounded this already worrying trend. Some of us have lived alone for too long without the access to a family visit.

Let’s admit it, cooking for one can be a lot of work, making it a barrier to a balanced healthy diet. A few other contributing factors could be the lack of cooking knowledge, rising costs for fresh produce, not having a companion to monitor your habits, and purchasing produce for single serve portions can be difficult.

What can you do to change this?

Start with finding a good environment or influence. Other people’s thoughts and behaviours influence you. Why not choose a good, healthy influence instead? Follow social media that share healthy habits to keep you in the right frame of mind.

Invest in good kitchen appliances to give you the boost to prepare a decent meal. Cold pressed juices or healthy smoothies can be a simple way to enjoy yummy and healthy calories for breakfast. Juice any fruits and vegetables of your liking without the need to start your stove.

Buying a single portion of fruits can be expensive, consider buying in bulk and freezing the excess for your smoothie supply. Add on nutritious, long-lasting superfoods like oats and chia seeds.

Refreshing Green Recipe

- 2 stalks of Celery
- 2 pcs of Green apples
- 1 slice of Lemon

Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

- 1 bowl Frozen Berries (or Frozen Dragon Fruit)
- 1 bowl Frozen Banana
- 1 tbsp Rolled oats 


Simple 5 minute recipes can help you get started cooking healthily. They are much easier and faster to prepare than traditional multi-course or multi-dish meals. 

Start with preparing simple and affordable meals. Here are some healthy meals suggestions for one with Kuvings Multi-function Cooker:


1.  Homemade Italian Bolognese Pasta
2.  Easy Grill Lamb Chop
3.  One Pot Fried Bihun
4.  One Pot Tom Yum Soup

Breakfast, lunch and dinner check!

Love yourself, eat healthy, and don’t forget to support friends who may need some help too.

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