How to Assemble

The juicer will only operate when it is properly assembled



1. Insert the juicing strainer into the rotation wiper.

The rotation wiper is used only with the juicing strainer and smoothie strainer. The rotation wiper rotates smoothly when the strainer is properly inserted. kuvings auto10 assembly rotation wiper juicing strainer

2. Ensure the silicone pieces in the juicing bowl’s pulp outlet are properly seated. Once checked, lock the pulp outlet.

kuvings auto10 assembly pulp outlet

3. Place the juicing strainer into the juicing bowl by aligning the red dots on each part.

When it’s properly inserted in the bowl, the juicing strainer and rotation wiper won’t move. kuvings auto10 assembly juicing strainer and bowl

4. Insert the juicing screw into the center of the strainer. Push it down to seat it.

The auto hopper will not sit on the juicing bowl if the juicing screw isn't fully pushed down. The screw should be flush with the top of the strainer.

kuvings auto10 assembly juicing screw going in strainer and bowl

5. Place the auto hopper on the juicing bowl with the arrow symbol on the auto hopper aligned with the unlock symbol on the juicing bowl.

Kuvings AUTO10 auto hopper unlock on juicing bowl

6. Turn the auto hopper clockwise until the arrow symbol aligns with the lock symbol. 

Kuvings AUTO10 auto hopper lock on juicing bowl

7. Place the assembled top set on the motor base.

The juice spout should be on the same side as the Kuvings logo. 

kuvings auto10

8. Plug the power cord into an outlet. Press the forward button to check that your juicer turns on. 

kuvings auto10 power cord

9. To open the auto hopper lid, use your thumb to push up the locking tab on the handle.

Opening the lid during operation will cause the juicer to stop.

kuvings auto10 assembly locking tab on auto hopper lid

How to Disassemble

Turn off the juicer and unplug the power cord from the outlet before disassembling it.

1. Hold down on the handle’s lock switch.

2. Turn the auto hopper counterclockwise so that the arrow symbol aligns with the unlock symbol.

3. Lift the auto hopper off the juicing bowl.

4. Lift the juicing bowl set off the motor base.

5. Remove the rotation wiper, juicing strainer, and juicing screw unit from the juicing bowl.

6. Pull up the juicing screw from the juicing strainer. You can also push the screw out from the bottom of the strainer.

7. Pull off the rotation wiper from the juicing strainer.

Still need help? Refer to the manual or contact customer support.

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