Mango sorbet has never been quicker or easier! All you need is a bag of frozen mangoes, a couple of pantry ingredients, and a Kuvings juicers with Ice Cream Maker! It’s dairy-free has no added sugar and you don’t need an ice-cream maker!

Transport yourself beneath a palm tree with a dense and rich mango flavour.

  • Assemble the juicer using the blank strainer or fruit and vegetable mincer
  • Put frozen mango in small amounts at a time through the feeding chute
  • Serve in an ice cream bowl

You can freeze many different fruits to make a sorbet and also mix more than one fruit together. Banana, Blueberries, Strawberries just to name a few.


Sweet mangoes have a rich and creamy texture that balance beautifully with bright tart lime juice.

This mango sorbet is the perfect iftar frozen dessert! It’s healthier than ice cream, but just as delicious (Or even more so!).


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