Gold kiwi has a high content of vitamin C, compared to other fruits. This vitamin C packed juice with gold kiwi and calamansi helps fatigue recovery and brings energy back.


Gold kiwi250 g, Mango200 g, Water230 ml, Calamansi juice30 ml

TIPIf raw mangoes are not available, use frozen mangoes that will give a richer flavor.


  1. Peel and cut the gold kiwis.
  2. Peel the mangoes and collect only the flesh.
  3. Blend the ingredients in order of liquid, soft and hard ones.


Vitamin C in gold kiwi and mango helps fight fatigue and prevents the common cold. Citric acid in calamansi fruit restricts the release of lactic acid that causes muscle fatigue and breaks it down.


2 cups


148 Cal / 350 ml

MAKES (ml)

700 ml

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