It’s common knowledge that excessive intakes of sugar is harmful to your well-being. But the fact that Malaysia is now still the fattest nation in Asia and also has the second highest child obesity rate among children in ASEAN aged 5 to 19 years, is worrying. Malaysians’ consumption of sugary drinks have increased dramatically with rising incomes. 

Statistics show more than one third (36%) of students have sugary drinks at least once a day, and the average daily sugar intake for adolescents has increased from 7 teaspoons (2012) to 10 teaspoons (2017). On average, Malaysians consume around 3kg of sugar per year in the form of sugary drinks.

Consuming sugary drinks contributes to weight gain and obesity, and a range of noncommunicable diseases. Added sugar is easily found in your everyday life. From sweetened beverages, baked goods, cereals and even your favourite bubble tea that you enjoy after your gym session.

The Government has taken a step by introducing a tax of 40 sen per litre on sugary drinks and a healthy school breakfast programme. Economists have determined that for every 10% price increment of sugar-sweetened beverages, consumption will reduce by 10 to 12%. Taxing sugar-sweetened beverages will reduce sales of sugar-sweetened beverages and increase demand for healthier beverage options.

Now, does this mean we can’t enjoy our tasty drinks? (Especially when you are trying to lose weight)

Nu-uh. Try juicing. By juicing, we mean cold pressed juices that are: 

  • 100% from pure fruits and vegetables 

  • No added sugar

  • No added water 

Fruits contain natural sugar that is lower than added sugar in sweetened drinks. Choose good juice recipes that combine 20% fruits and 80% vegetables for a moderate taste of sweetness and a wide array of nutrients in a glass. Specific types of fruits and vegetables can benefit your health needs. Get your recipes tailored to your body needs. Take an example of beetroot - rich in nitrites and shown to improve anaerobic performance after recovery between workouts and a delicious combo to a vibrant coloured juice.

ABC Juice

  • 2 Small Green Apples

  • 2 slices of Beetroot

  • 1 slice of Carrot

  • 1 slice of Lemon

Grab one of our premium juicers to have a pleasant juicing experience. Perfect to not only juice your fruits, but also vegetables. A delicious sugar-free juice to add to your life! 

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