As we celebrated our 11th anniversary a few months ago, we are dedicated to enhancing your kitchen experience with our premium kitchen appliances that make healthy living easier and more enjoyable. We're here to introduce our latest model, the Auto-10 slow juicer. This latest model was designed to add ease, efficiency, and style to your daily life. Here's why you need the Auto-10 in your kitchen today!

Hands-free Slow Juicer

The Auto-10 is a game changer for slow juicers. It features the world's largest capacity hopper, a 3000-cc automatic container, and an automatic cutting function. This means you can put huge fruits and vegetables into the juicer whole, without having to cut them first. Spend less time preparing ingredients and enjoy fresh juice with minimal effort.

Maximum wide opening width

The Auto-10's 3L large capacity hopper lets you fill it with a significant amount of fruits and vegetables and extract juice all at once. This high capacity hopper is intended to provide optimum convenience, making it ideal for busy mornings or serving your visitors. There's also an additional inlet that allows you to add materials at any time during the extraction process, providing flexibility and convenience of use.

Automatic Cutting Mechanism

The Auto-10's automatic cutting technology is an outstanding feature. The upper container is equipped with a double crushing blade, which automatically slices whole fruits and vegetables and quickly transports the cut pieces to the auger to make the natural juice for you. This revolutionary design allows for optimal juice extraction with no effort on your side.

Powerful Motor

The Auto-10 has a more powerful and durable motor, providing you with fresh juice for a longer period of time. Its low-noise design minimizes noise and vibration, resulting in a pleasant and calm juicing experience. This durable motor provides long-term performance, making it an excellent addition to your kitchen.

Easy Cleaning Process

It's never been easier to clean your juicer. The Auto-10 has a removable outlet with a detachable outlet, making cleaning easier than the previous models. Other than that, the revolutionary rotating brush design speeds up and improves the cleaning process. Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying  fresh juice.

Stylish Design and Colour

The Auto-10 is not only an innovative premium slow juicer, but it also has an award-winning design and a stylish new white colour. Its stylish appearance will match with any of your kitchen decorations, adding a touch of elegance and modernity to your space.
Don't miss the opportunity to bring this revolutionary juicer into your home. Pre-order the Kuvings Auto-10 now and take advantage of our special launch promotion. Enjoy the ease, efficiency, and style that the Auto-10 provides in your kitchen.

Experience the future of juicing with the Kuvings Auto-10. Make healthy living a seamless part of your life with this innovative and stylish slow juicer. Pre-order now and transform your kitchen routine!

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