Savor The Authenticity Of Malaysian Kuihs Without Artificial Additives -

Savor The Authenticity Of Malaysian Kuihs Without Artificial Additives

Malaysia's Independence Day 🇲🇾- celebrated on the 31st of August, marks the momentous occasion when our nation gained freedom from colonial rule. As we honour this significant day, it is essential to cherish the rich heritage and cultural diversity that define Malaysia. Among the cherished aspects of Malaysian culture is the vast range of traditional sweet treats known locally as "kuih-muih." These delightful delicacies have been a part of Malaysian communities for generations; carrying with them the flavours of history and the colours of independence.

In recent times, the culinary world has witnessed a movement towards more sustainable and healthier eating habits. To maintain the authenticity of kuihs  while still embracing modern sensibilities, the idea of kuihs without artificial additives has become more alluring to many people.

In light of this, here are some of our favourite traditional Malaysian kuihs that can be made without artificial colouring or flavouring thanks to the magic of juicing with Kuvings!

kuih seri muka

Kuih Seri Muka 🟩⬜

This iconic kuih consists of two layers - a pandan-infused glutinous rice layer on the bottom and a luscious coconut custard layer on top. Instead of using artificial green food coloring, you can extract the vibrant green color from pandan leaves to achieve an authentic and visually appealing dessert.

pulut tai tai

Pulut Tai Tai 🟦

Pulut Tai Tai is a charming blue-colored  glutinous rice cake, traditionally tinted with the natural pigment of blue butterfly pea flowers. The flowers lend a stunning blue hue that complements the sweetness of the coconut topping.

kuih talam

Kuih Talam🟩

Kuih Talam features two layers - a green pandan layer and a white coconut layer. Using pandan juice as a natural food coloring source will enhance the green layer, while the white layer can be achieved through the pure essence of coconut milk.

angku kuih

Angku Kuih 🟥

Angku Kuih is a popular Chinese-Malaysian delicacy filled with sweet mung bean or ground peanut paste. Traditionally, the skin is dyed red using natural food coloring from beetroot extract, symbolizing good luck and prosperity.

kuih lapis

Kuih Lapis 🟪

Kuih Lapis is a multi-colored layered cake that offers a delightful array of colors. You can use various natural food coloring sources, such as pandan leaves, purple sweet potatoes, and turmeric, to achieve the different layers, creating a visually stunning dessert.

onde onde


Onde-Onde is a chewy and sweet snack filled with gula melaka. You can use pandan juice to give the glutinous rice balls a hint of green, making them even more visually appealing.

kuih dadar

Kuih Dadar 🟩

Kuih Dadar consists of rolled crepes filled with sweet coconut and palm sugar. Using pandan juice as a natural food coloring will give the crepes their classic green hue.

By incorporating natural juice-based food coloring using Kuvings Slow Juicer into traditional kuihs recipes, we can celebrate the vibrancy of Malaysian culture while embracing a healthier and more environmentally conscious culinary journey. ⬆️⬆️Find out here to know what kind of fruits can be used as natural food coloring substitutes from our previous blog post.