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6 Tips To Juice Cleanse Safely and Yoga Detox

Whether you are searching for an effective weight loss program, looking for an immune system boost, or hoping to improve overall health, a juice cleanse and yoga detox can help you to achieve these goals too. In celebration of International Yoga Day, we’re here to share how juicing can support and empower your yoga journey!
A juice cleanse involves mainly consuming fruit and vegetable juice for anywhere between one to ten days, while a yoga detox refers to a series of yoga exercises designed to help organs eliminate toxins, increase blood circulation, and support the lymphatic system in detoxing.
While juice cleansing has tons of health benefits, it may pose some health risks if not done in a safe and informed manner. We’re here to help, so just get your slow juicer ready, and follow these recommendations for ways to juice cleanse safely and effectively!

Tip #1: Adjust Your Diet 
Three days before the cleanse, gradually begin to eliminate certain foods from your diet, such as coffee, meat, and alcohol. You should also increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables in every meal. Taking these preliminary steps will help reduce side effects of fasting such as nausea, fatigue, and more. 

Tip #2: Select the Right Recipes 
When it comes to choosing juicing recipes, keep in mind the nutritional content of your ingredients. Try to incorporate high-protein veggies such as kale and baby spinach, as lack of protein intake tends to be a common issue during a juice cleanse. Choose fruits such as green apples, blueberries and kiwis, which have a lower sugar content and are packed with anti-inflammatory antioxidants. You can also incorporate nutritious herbs such as ginger root, parsley and mint for a boost in flavour! 
Tip #3: Opt for Lighter Activity 
Avoid strenuous physical activity as it might cause nausea and headaches during your cleanse, and opt for lighter exercises instead. This is where yoga detox comes in! Yoga exercises will help to reduce your stress hormones (cortisol), which allows you to relax and supports the detox process. The various twisting and compressing motions of yoga asanas (poses) are also effective in stimulating your blood and lymphatic circulation flow. 
Tip #4: Practice Mindfulness 
Stay calm and fully engaged with your thoughts, feelings, and surrounding environment. Free yourself of distractions and remember that the journey to wellness involves maintaining both physical and mental well-being. 


Tip #5: Re-adjust 
Once your cleanse is over, gradually adjust your diet by eating lightly for the first few days, then introducing solid foods in stages. You can start by eating soft, watery-based foods such as oatmeal, and make sure to avoid large, heavy meals that might make you feel uncomfortable. 
Tip #6: Keep the Momentum Going 
While your juice cleanse may be over, it is just the beginning of your health journey! Continue to stay informed and practice healthy eating and exercise habits. 

Follow our recommendations to have a safe juice cleanse and yoga detox experience, and most importantly, don’t forget to have some fun! Try out different yoga poses and experiment different healthy juice recipes with your juice machine to find out which recipes work best for you!