Kuvings Malaysia Sponsors Hot Rocket Racing Club

Kuvings Malaysia is thrilled to announce a sponsorship with Hot Rocket Racing Club, beginning July 2022, through June 2023. We are especially excited about this sponsorship opportunity as Kuvings and Hot Rocket Racing Club share many of the same values, ideas and visions. In case you happen to be hearing about Hot Rocket Racing Club for the first time, they are a motorsport club that seeks to cultivate professional race-car drivers’ skills in people. 

With a count of over 200 members that’s growing at a steady pace, we find what they do thrilling and full-of-life. Regardless of where you stand in the world or expertise of racing, there is something for you at Hot Rocket Racing Club. Between organising racing development programs, monthly go-kart races, and even race car rentals; trust us when we say you’ll find something that speaks to you. They also organise friendly races and social sessions at sports bars!

Kuvings Malaysia values a well-rounded life; one that is exciting, upbeat, active and all-around fulfilling. We feel strongly about this sponsorship as we believe life should be led intentionally from the inside-out. Taking care of your health with habits like juicing can keep you in shape and active to enjoy high-excitement activities like racing. Much like Kuvings, HRRC seeks to encourage fruitful habits. We believe that those who seek out excitement with a balanced contrast of health and wellness will fit right into the realm of what Kuvings and Hot Rocket Racing Club do.  

Many people have the impression that a passion for racing is reserved for a tiny margin of people, when it’s a thrill that welcomes people of all-ages to experience. On the contrary, people generally assume that juicing is something reserved for people of older ages, or specific socio-economic backgrounds, when it’s a sustainable, fruitful and important habit that can be integrated into anyone’s lives, regardless of age. 

Your habits off-the track are what power your success and victories on the track. We believe, alongside Hot Rocket Racing Club, that these two elements are not mutually exclusive, but in fact go hand-in-hand. Those who appreciate a good inner-and-outer connectivity of habits and successes will fit perfectly into the vision that Kuvings and HRRC have in this sponsorship. 

If you’d like to hear more about Hot Rocket Racing Club, they can be found on Instagram at @hotrocketracingclub, on Facebook at facebook.com/hotrocketracingclub or on their website at www.hotrocketracingclub.com.