"Galactic Gina" SV500 Vacuum Blender


Vacuum Function Revolutionizes Blending

Keeps the Freshness of Content in Air Tight Condition

Quiet yet Powerful

3.5 Peak HP Motor
Maximum of 32,000 PRM

The Magic of Vacuum

Optimal vacuum conditions created by -80kPa of pressure prevent ingredients from oxidizing, preserving the colors, flavors, and nutrients as close to nature.

Retain More Nutrients

Less oxidation = more nutrients. It is as simple as that!

Healthy Eating,
Healthy Living

A truly versatile blender that helps you make a multitude of healthy and delicious recipes.

Quiet Low-Noise Blending

Minimum noise, Perfect blending.
Blending is now quiet with the Noise Reduction Cover, a unique advancement in high-speed blending.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning with just one touch.

Accessories Included

1. Recipe Book
2. SV500R Manual
3. Vacuum Tumbler
4. Tamper