"Powerful Poseidon" EVO820 Whole Slow Juicer

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10 Years on the Motor, 1 Year on the Spare Parts.

Pure Refined Texture

Very Smooth Texture that you Never Taste Before.

Maximum Yield

Powerful Motor that Squeeze the Maximum Juice from the Fruit.

82MM Feeding Tube

Whole Fruit, Whole Taste.

Whole in One

Retains more Vitamins and Minerals from Fruits & Vegetables


Millstone Method

Upgraded Juicing Screw (Auger)

Slow Masticating Technology

Pressed juice in its Purest Form


Smooth Juice

With Minimum Pulp

Easy Assemble

User Friendly Design that is easy to Assemble and Wash

Difference among Juicers

Kuvings Juicer is positioned as a big mouth juicer that can insert a whole apple without cutting, while conventional Slow Juicer you need to chop the ingredients to put in.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning is a breeze with Kuvings patented round cleaning tool brush.

Healthier lifestyle with 100% natural ingredients

Feel refreshed and energetic all day using different fruits and vegetables. Develop your own personal juicing recipes, sorbet, smoothies, and even homemade soy milk.

Love how much juice I get! I’m so shocked at how dry the pulp is after this lovely juicer juices my fruits and veggies. I love this juicer!

Steph - Verified Buyer

Love my juicer! Easy to use, quality materials, exceptional craftsmanship and great price. Love it!

Vanessa - Verified Buyer

This juicer is incredible. You will never allow your lips to touch the pre-bottled grocery store stuff again. The texture of the juice is always smooth.

A.H. - Verified Buyer

Accessories Included

1. Recipe Book
2. EVO820 Manual
3. Pulp Jug
4. Juice Jug
5. Rotation Brush
6. Smoothie Maker Attachment
7. Sorbet Maker Attachment
8. Cleaning Brush
9. Lid Opener
10. Pusher